Plan B

Plan B is an exclusive investment opportunity with limited availability. This plan requires an initial investment of $20,000 and has a duration of 30 days, offering a short-term investment option to potential investors.

Investors have the flexibility to select their investment amount, with a maximum investment limit of $200,000 and a minimum investment requirement of $20,000. This range accommodates investors with different financial capacities and preferences.

Plan B is designed with a moderate risk level of 10%, striking a balance between potential growth and capital protection. During the investment period, investors can anticipate a potential profit of 15%, providing an opportunity for attractive returns.

Furthermore, the plan features the “Share VIOinvest” option, allowing investors to pool their investments and benefit from collective investment opportunities. With a share VIOinvest percentage of 50%, investors can diversify their investment portfolio while maximizing their potential gains.

Additionally, Plan B includes a Term Stop feature, providing investors with the ability to pause or adjust their investment strategy if necessary. This feature enhances flexibility and allows investors to adapt to changing market conditions or personal circumstances.

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