Plan C

Plan C offers a limited and exclusive investment opportunity for discerning investors. With a price of $50,000, this plan spans a period of 30 days, providing a relatively short-term investment option.

Investors have the flexibility to choose their investment amount, with a maximum investment limit of $500,000 and a minimum investment requirement of $50,000. This range caters to investors with varying financial capacities and investment preferences.

Plan C is designed with a moderate risk level of 10%, ensuring a balance between potential growth and risk management. During the 30-day investment period, investors can anticipate a potential profit of 20%, offering an attractive opportunity for returns.

Additionally, the plan features the “Share VIOinvest” option, enabling investors to pool their investments and collectively benefit from the returns. With a share VIOinvest percentage of 50%, investors can diversify their investment portfolio and leverage collective investment opportunities.

Furthermore, Plan C includes a Term Stop feature, allowing investors to pause or adjust their investment strategy as needed. This feature enhances flexibility and empowers investors to adapt to changing market conditions or personal circumstances.

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